Mini Duck Decoy Spinner

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The Mini Duck Decoy spinner is a miniature duck decoy to attract...miniature ducks? 

We asked our friends at 2 Good Wood Guys to come up with a tiny version of the duck decoy/spinner that can be placed on a desk, as we look for new and fun ideas for swag when we're not busy answering emails about when EPCs will be back in stock.  2 Good Wood Guys made these tiny duck decoys based on our TDP (Technical Duck Package) specs.

Painstakingly hand made and painted (including the tiny patch of blue speculum feather), every mini duck decoy is slightly different because they're hand made and painted.  Measuring 3.8" tall (assembled on its solid wood base) and 4" wide, its only job is to bring smiles and quack to your life.  The wings are made from drone propellers. Due to the tight tolerance, they won't spin if you put it in front of a fan, but will do so if you spin it with your finger.

Proudly designed and made in USA.

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