Duck Coffee Mug (12oz)

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When did it become a thing to have branded coffee?  We don't know, we like coffee but don't know enough about it, so we're offering coffee mugs instead.   You can fill it with  your choice of coffee, or as we've been doing a lot since moving to Texas, sweet tea.  If you happen to drop it as we did and broke the handle off, they make pretty cool pen holders too.

The 12 oz Duck Coffee Mugs are somewhat unique in that they're made in the USA, not an easy thing to find these days, they're quite heavy and sturdy as well,  Available with either our old twin arrows logo (used briefly from 2015 to 2016, which some of our newer customers find interesting) and the current Cygnus logo.

Made for Forward Controls by Caffeinated Fairy, a company run by our friends Amy and Jeremy Hernandez, please visit them at Etsy

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