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We've wanted to do make challenge coins for a while, but our design philosophy and logo make challenge coins, well, somewhat challenging. 

Challenge coins are usually richly decorated with lots of things related to the company, unit, or organization.  For many, it seems the idea is to cram as many things as possible into a small area, god forbid if there should be space without something on it.   

Our Cygnus logo is simple by design, and we're not much for decorations (you should see our office, not even a single picture on the wall).  The only thing significant we can think of that are related our long and illustrious (ok it's only 8 years) history is our late 2020 move from the liberal infested LA to the great state of Texas, anything else would be pointless decorations.

We opted to make paperweights in the shape of coins.  On one side, it has our Cygnus logo, on the other, the state of Texas, with a star roughly noting our company's location in Texas.

The duck paperweight / coin is made from wood, it is 1.7" in diameter, and 0.32" thick.  It weighs 1.09oz.  Each paperweight / coin is serialized.  Since they have a steel disc inside, they will stick to magnets.

Made in USA, by our friends at 2 Good Wood Guys

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