ID / Badge Lanyard

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Part Number:Kevin's fabulous paisley tie
We like useful swag, this ID / badge lanyard is certainly one of them.  After declining requests to make these for months, Kevin's passionate and eloquent filibuster (ok it was only 2 minutes) to convince us such a thing might be useful and kind of cool, and we'd use it ourselves at trade shows.

The lanyard is 1" wide, has an ODG background color with white text and Cygnus logo, printed on both sides.  It has a convenient QD buckle for quickly detaching the badge for ID / badge that doubles as a parking pass.  A break away snap safety will be included next run, though the way the fabric is held by the quick release buckle is nearly identical to how a break away snap, we believe a separate break away hardware is redundant.  That said, if your work requires a separate break away feature, please wait for the next production run.

Here's a picture of Charlie doing what he does best, completely unrelated to anything :)

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