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FCD IFAK is a trauma kit is assembled and made for trained professional use only, you must be a trained medic, paramedic, medical professional to use the tools contained within.

FCD IFAK is thoughtfully assembled by our friend. Stephen Spigelman with high quality equipment.  FCD IFAK is a trauma kit made for trained professional use only, you must be a trained medic, paramedic, medical professional to use the tools contained within.  IFAK does not provide instructions on the components' proper usage.

Stephen Spigelman is a US Army medic with nearly 10 years of experience in EMS, between the civilian and military sectors. He is currently a medic in the Army National Guard as well as an instructor and provider of tactical trauma care, with Penn Tactical Solutions and U.S. Law Shield.

Using his expertise in this field, he has helped design the IFAK, sourcing only the highest quality components.

The IFAK consists of the following:

* QuickClot Combat Gauze.  The QuickClot Combat Gauze is a z-folded hemostatic gauze, impregnated with a substance called Kaolin, that accelerates the body's natural clotting factors.

* Kerlix Gauze.  The kerlix rolled gauze can be used to pack or dress wounds.

* NPA 28FR with lubrication.  The 28FR nasopharangeal airway is the most common size nasal airway. This product is recommended for use as a nasal airway adjunct in semi-conscious or unconscious patients with an intact gag reflex.

* North American Rescue CATG7 tourniquet.  The G7 CAT TQ is the most recent version from NAR and is approved by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC).

* North American Rescue Hyfin vented chest seal, twin pack.  The HyFin Vent Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack provides users with two vented chest seals in a compact packaging designed for the prevention, management and treatment of an open and/or tension pneumothorax potentially caused by a penetrating chest trauma.

* General purpose shears.

* North American Rescue  Emergency Trauma Dressing, 4".  The 4" NAR emergency trauma dressing is a top quality pressure dressing, used to apply pressure over wounds.

* North American Rescue ARS 14G.  TThe 14G ARS decompression needle features a capless flash chamber for immediate confirmation of needle placement, for the treatment of tension pneumothorax.

The pouch is ESSTac's DST Medical Pouch Gen 2: https://esstac.com/dst-medical-pouch/.  A pair of MALICE straps come installed on the FCD IFAK DST pouch.

DST Medical pouch is designed with ERT/SWAT members in mind, the DS Tactical Blow Out Pouch can be worn on a duty belt (up to 2-1/4?) as well as PALS webbing compatible.

The tear away pouch holds a CAT Tourniquet on the outside, just under the flap for quick access and accommodates up to a 6? Israeli bandage inside the pouch as well as other items in the internal mesh pocket.

Pouch dimensions:   3.75" wide x 7" tall x 3.5" thick.  Gen 1 DST pouches have a rectangular top flap, no bottom flap, and quick release buckle.  Gen 2 has a triangular top and bottom flap, and Snap Dragon quick release that can be released with the attached pull string.  A small ODG cross patch is included and attached to the top Velcro flap.

Please take a Stop The Bleed class https://www.stopthebleed.org/training in order to learn how to use them. Using the foundation that the STB curriculum provides, you should be able to manage the very basics of immediately life threatening hemorrhage.

FCD IFAK is a trauma kit made for trained professional use only.  IKFA does not provide instructions on the components' proper usage. Forward Controls Design or anyone else involved in the creation of this IFAK is not responsible for the usage of its contents provided within.

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