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We moved to TX in mid December of 2020.  In the short time we've been here, we've seen first hand the freedoms and benefits of a small government and conservative policies.  We were able to walk in the local tax assessor's office and get our plates in 15 minutes.  At the Department of Public Safety, we were able to get our driver's license in 10 minutes (where we also happily gave up our CA driver's licenses).  Texas folks are generous, genuine and happy, we saw all these qualities examplified during the cold snap in mid Feb when temperatures went below freezing for days on end.  Neighbors helped each other, strangers left their warm cars to push stranded and helpless motorists out of slippery and frozen intersections.  Texans come together in times good and bad.

On top of being able to buy firearms we need for R&D (something we could not do in CA even though our products are used by many agencies in the state), the TX government does its best to stay out of people's way so they can go about their lives, in pursuit of happiness, and raise their families the way they see fit, all without the political correctness of a far left, self righteous government that cares more about gender terms than its residents' welfare, a democrat run, morally corrupt government that can't stop lecturing the people that elected them to office, and makes them pay for the dubious privileges of the government's omnipresence.  In Texas, we'd had the boot on our necks lifted by the incompetent, near communist liberal CA government in ways once oppressed but now freed people can appreciate.

Texas is our new home state, we call ourselves Texans and proud of it.

The IR reflective TX Bonkers (also known s the Speak Softly duck) is the celebration of our escape to a free state, the way other states of America used to be, and should always be.  3.25" wide and 3.25" tall, it's laser cut in the shape of the great state of Texas, Bonkers is roughly where Midlothian (our new location) is in Texas.  Without NV, the patch is mostly just black.  With NV and an IR illuminator, Bonkers the bat wielding duck's outline is then visible.

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