Damascus Skinner knife, FCD

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Blade and sheath color
Do knives count as swag?  Since edged weapons/tools are not our competency, we call them swag, albeit very expensive swag.

These Skinner knives are made for FCD by Title II Manufacturing, these are the same knives they've been making for the sneaky snake eaters, we only added some color options to the blade (Cearkote) and sheath.  Available in black, ODG and FDE with matching blade and sheath color.  The handle is made from  maple with brass pins, it provides superb traction and is comfortable to use.  It's a well balanced blade and feels naturally in the hand.

Length: 8.5"
Blade): 3.9"
Handle: 4.6"
Weight: 5.86oz

Made in the USA.

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