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Early LRFs were shipped without the box current LRFs are shipped in, given our focus on functionality first, neither SOLGW nor we paid any attention to the packaging.  For the last few months, LRFs were shipped in the green box you see.

If you own one of the earlier LRFs and would like the box the new LRFs are shipped in to put all of your SOLGW and FCD duck swag,  here it is.

LRF box measures 8.5" x 4.5" x 2".  True to both companies' mission, it's functional (well, it's a box, it holds stuff), it has FCD and SOLGW logos on top, it has no decorations, and plenty of room for you to draw ducks, SOLGW's angry patriot or rebellious stripes on. 

Fun fact: it has a higher IQ than the average liberal/socialist/communist when you fill it with rocks (or just air.)

Other than the sweet Texas air of freedom, LRF box contains an FCD duck swag we haven't run since 2020, and will arrive assembled by Texans.  

We're grateful for SOLGW making these boxes available to us.

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