LRF right side bolt release

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LRF right side bolt release is the bolt release for LRF (Lower Receiver, FCD), a collaboration between us and Sons of Liberty Gunworks (SOLGW), LRF can be purchased from SOLGW's site and SOLGW dealers.

Available with either horizontally serrated or AA (All Angled, or dimpled) lever, it comes as a complete kit consists of the bolt release, longer plunger/actuator rod, a partially threaded set screw, and a spring.

LRF's right side bolt release may look similar to other bolt releases available on other lowers, it is only guaranteed to work on the LRF and ZEV ambi lower receivers.

Also compatible: 
CMT ambi lowers.
Grey Ghost Precision ambi lowers.
Noveske Gen 4 lowers

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