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We like useful swag, especially when we need and use it ourselves.  When it was time to look for a new mouse pad, we decided to make some for ourselves and our friends, instead of hopping on Amazon for next day delivery.

Measuring 8.25"x7.5" and 1/4" thick, made in Neoprene with fabric surface,  the duck mouse pad's dimensions are thought out, as you'd expect.  Our old mouse pad is 13"x11", it's thin and has a stitched border.  We only used a small portion of this gigantic mouse pad, and the stitching along the border was annoying, as it acted like a barrier and would stop the mouse in motion when it was near edge.  The giant mouse pad took up a lot of our desktop space as well.

The duck mouse pad is small in comparison.  FCD designs have always been practical, pragmatic, and minimalist, it's big enough to do its job, and no more.  We don't subscribe to the "if a little is better, than a lot must be a lot better" unimaginative way of thinking, and over correction here also has consequences.  Large mouse pads aren't for everyone, we find the mouse usually travels in almost prescribed quadrants which renders a large mouse pad meaningless to begin with, that it takes up a lot of desktop space is a drawback as well.  With our 38" display (3840x1600),  we never found its size wanting. The size also leaves us with more room on the desk.

A tastefully small Cygnus logo is in the 1 o'clock corner.  Most of us are right handed, and use the upper center or upper left side of the mouse, a logo placed in the middle will get dirty quickly.  And it's on the right side, because we don't like communists (left, liberal, democrats, same thing).

Made in USA.

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