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We know there are muzzle devices without flats for wrenches, we have a healthy collection of flash suppressors, comps and brakes, and most have flats for wrenching.  Muzzle devices with "ratchet" such as some HK flash suppressors don't need them, but without flats, one has to resort to something else to properly install them, these are rather rare. When flats are provided, one would reason users will use proper wrenches to install them.

Look Ma, no flats!

Alas, in a world where manufacturers have to label chocolates as "not a sex toy", common sense is an uncommon virtue, rare as a sensible liberal not in an apparent coma.

These No Screwdriver patches are the results of us having to warranty replace more than we thought possible of 6315KMs, where someone used a screw driver to torque the muzzle device.  For our thoughts on such senseless act of random foolishness on our beautifully crafted muzzle devices, sometimes performed by so called "gunsmiths" please go to this link

Thanks Joe for providing the illustration for what not to do with a muzzle device :)

The No Screwdriver patch is 2." in diameter and Vecro backed, made for us by Midway Firearms Refinishing in Waxahachie, TX.

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