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Part Number:OPF-M17, ACRO, RSD
ATTENTION, Steiner MPS users: MPS's recoil lug underneath the sight may vary in width and be slightly wider than that of the ACRO.  Should this be the case, firmly push the MPS on the plate, or gently tap on the sight until the MPS fully seats.
For the new M17/M18 and SIG P320 with the Delta Point Pro cut, we're proud to offer OPF-M17, ACRO, RSD (rear sight dovetail). 

OPF-M17, ACRO, RSD is compatible with MIL issued M17/M18.

OPF-M17, ACRO, RSD is only guaranteed to work with Aimpoint ACRO P1 and P2, and Steiner's MPS.  We have not tested it with the cheap Chicom sights under different guises from various companies that also use the ACRO footprint.  We neither endorse, nor support their use on OPF-M17, ACRO, RSD..

Machined in 4140 steel and black oxide coated, OPF-M17, ACRO, RSD  is a new member of our OPF (Optics Platform, Forward Controls) line.  We again eschew aluminum for this application, and continue to use steel as other OPF plates, we prefer steel plates for steel screws.  4140 steel costs more and takes longer to machine, we use it extensively on other products.  We do not deem light weight to be of particular use in this application, but consider reliability and durability far more useful and important qualities.

OPF-M17, ACRO, RSD is a drop in adapter for superb Aimpoint ACRO sights.  The removal of the P320, M17/M18 sight plate cover isn't as straight forward as the Glock MOS, please follow this link for step by step instructions: https://youtu.be/00g-Wpr8tMw

We will stress the importance of holding the LCI (loaded chamber indicator) with your finger or a piece of tape while removing the plate from the slide, the LCI spring is very small and fragile, and easily damaged.  No need to make this avoidable $5 mistake as we did.

We don't like rebranding, but do make exceptions when the products in question are outstanding, and we share the same values as the companies that make them.  We've known Tangodown and its folks for a long time, we carry Tangodown products, and are proud to be able to put our logo on the SSM-03 and make it OPF-M17, ACRO RSD.

OPF-M17, ACRO, RSD is precision machined from 4140 steel, and QPQ coated.  Aimpoint ACRO P1/P2 requires the plates to adhere to Aimpoint ACRO TDP with tight tolerances, OPF-M17, ACRO, RSD has proven to be the best choice among professional users.

OPF-M17-ACRO, RSD is shipped with two M4 0.7mm x 6mm  (torque value: 20 to 25 in·lb), a T20  key, and a packet of VC-3.

Proudly designed and made in the USA.

NOTE: OPF-M17, ACRO, RSD is compatible with MIL issued M17/M18.

Truglo P320 backup sights made specifically for Tangodown/FCD plates.  The rear sight dovetail is made for commonly available Glock rear sights, do not use/force a SIG rear sight into the dovetail, doing so will damage the dovetail of the plate.

When in doubt, be sure your slide has the groove as shown below, none of our plates will work without it:

OPF-M17, ACRO, RSD is compatible with P320 X-Five Legion, Legion Carry, and DP Cut.  

It is not compatible with P320 Pro Cut, P320 sub compact, X Carry, AXG, Spectre Comp, and RX, P320 Max, P320 Grayguns.

We have switched the plate to slide screws from Allen to Torx (T20).  T20 screws do not sit flush with the plate, this is normal.

We will soon stop including the L keys with all OPF products, L keys will become optional, we strongly suggest a proper torque wrench to impart the correct torque value.

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