OPF-S, RMR (Staccato)

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OPF-S, RMR (Optics Platform, Staccato, RMR) is designed for Staccato P, C, C2 and XC with the factory or aftermarket 0.285 front sight.  OPF-S, RMR features a dovetail compatible with the steel rear sight we designed and make for OPF-S, RMR and OPF-S, ACRO.

Precision milled from a solid block of 4140 and nitride coated, OPF-S, RMR is a solid state plate sans moving parts. We have taken steps to make the plate as light as possible, there is a rather significant lightening cut on the plate, which necessitates the use of a sealer plate for Trijicon RMR.

Plate to slide torque value: 13in/lb
Sight to plate torque value: 9in/lb

Proudly designed and made in the USA.


* OPF-S, RMR requires Staccato factory or aftermarket 0.285 front sight height for either FCD designed and made steel rear sight.

* OPF-S, RMR's rear sight dovetail is compatible with 2011 DP03 Optics Mount System.  FCD steel rear sight will be available in October.  If your DPO plate and rear sight looks like this, the rear sight will NOT work with OPF-S, RMR's dovetail.

* Trijicon RMR must be used with Trijicon or aftermarket RMR sealing plate.

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