RS, OPF-S (Rear sight for OPF-Staccato)

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Part Number:RS, OPF-S
RS, OPF-S (rear sight, OPF-S) is designed and made for OPF-S, RMR and OPF-S, ACRO adapter plates for Staccato 2011 P, C, C2 and XC.

Precision milled from 1018 steel and black oxide coated.  A 8-32x5/16 set screw is provided to securely anchor the rear sight in OPF-S, RMR's rear sight dovetail.

As with other dovetailed sights, RS, OPF-S may require fitting.  RS, OPF-S is machined from 1018 and not hardened, or black nitrided for this reason.

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