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SOA FCD barrels  are a collaboration between Sgt. of Arms and Forward Controls Design.  Known for its work in long range, precision gas guns, Sgt. of Arms is a USMC combat vet owned and operated company in TX, about 30 minutes from the duck shack in Midlothian, TX.

We think of the SOA FCD barrels are precision duty barrels.  

Ar10 on tripods

We've been carrying high quality barrels from BRT, HDSI, Centurion Arms, and Criterion, we didn't want to enter the barrel space till 2022, we've been busy with product development in almost every aspect of the AR, except barrels, we're been uniquely blessed with the ability to know what we don't know, we rarely stray out of our lane.  Sgt. of Arms knows barrels, through working with the folks at SOA over the years, we've developed a genuine  respect for their no-nonsense approach and solid knowledge on building accurate and reliable gas guns. 

We have a set of objectives in mind: repeatable accuracy and durability, we worked with SOA to bring fundamental and achievable ideas to reality.  The folks at SOA understand us and our mission well, and they delivered.  

The SOA FCD barrels are all SPR profiled for superior rigidity, rigidity and heat absorption , and all lengths use mid-length gas system.  We don't flute these barrels, as we aren't and never have been on the lightweight wagon, an unfortunate fad that has seen ridiculous and often detrimental changes made to a system that despite all that's done to it, continues to function.  One can't make an object stronger by removing material, none of the arbitrary weight goals and fancy names will change immutable physics.

For a brief look at one of the reasons SPR profile was chosen, LFD Research has published this video:

We chose mid-length for all the available lengths.  This might seem out of the norm for 11.5" and 12.5", a system that doesn't beat itself to pieces and makes for soft shooting and recoil should be the norm.  Not that we do "normal" things, or care for norms or trends.

The bars are annealed, quenched and tempered for strength and the ideal machining hardness.

Upon completion of cold forming rifling of the barrel, each barrel is subject to a stress relieving process. The purpose of the stress relieving operation is to bring the barrel to the optimum temperature in a precise heating and cooling process that eliminates the inherent stress in the material after the cold forming rifling process. This process ensures that the barrel and bore remains straight with zero distortion during the final profiling and chamber machining operations.  

SOA/FCD barrels went through such strenuous QC procedures, the rejection rate was high, but such are the standards SOA and FCD are demanding.

Chambers inspected for pitting/ gouges. 
Feed ramps inspected for burrs or imperfections. 
Rifling inspected. 
Gas ports inspected for burrs. 
Crown finish inspected. 
Gas port pin gauged. 
Muzzle thread pitch tested. 
Bore and exterior inspected for nitride finish blemishes.
3 shots minimum fired through each barrel to confirm cycling and bolt locks back.
Barrel is cleaned and lightly oiled post QC completion.


Barrel Material: 416R stainless steel
Caliber: .223 Wylde
Barrel Profile: SPR
Twist: 1/7
Barrel Thread: 1/2 x 28
Gas journal: .750
Gas System Length: Mid length
Barrel Crown: 11° 
Barrel Finish: Nitride
Barrel Extension Finish: Nitride
11.5", 1lb 10 oz
12.5", 1lb.12 oz
13.9", lb.14 oz
14.5", 1lb,.15 oz

Gas port size:
Length   Suppressed   Unsuppressed
11.5           0.077    0.094
12.5           0.077    0.094
13.9           0.066    0.079
14.5           0.0635    0.073

NOTE: if Law Tactical folding adapter is present, use a lighter weight buffer to offset the weight Law Tactical's carrier insert adds.

SOA FCD barrels are shipped after they've been inspected and test fired with 3 rounds.  The barrels are cleaned with 3 patches before shipping.

These are, and serve as heavy barrels.

Each barrel is also accompanied with an inspection check list, it's individually inspected for the following:
Feed ramp for burs
Rifling (with a bore scope)
Gas port for burs
Gas port size, with stated size
Muzzle threads

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