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TGF (Trigger Guard, FCD) is machined from solid blocks of 7075.  Machines can be imperfect like their human operators, slight mistakes happen.  TGF Randy are the result of these slight and rare mistakes.

TGF Randy (FDE or black, straight only) works as well as regular TGF, they just have a tiny ridge, almost imperceptible in the upper left corner.  Most users will never notice its presence.  FCD QC errs on the side of caution, customers may never see or notice but we do, so they're set aside.

We know you have questions.  Why is it called TGF Randy? How does a single cell amoeba get elected (and re-elected) to congress?  Randy is imperfect and he hates tacos, so he gets blemished TGF named after him.  As to how AOC got elected and re-elected, we believe it's a sign of sharp decline in IQ in some NY district that saw fit to elect the village idiot to office, twice.

TGF Randy has a letter R (for Randy, not reject) marked on the end of TGF, the letter is hidden once TGF is installed.  We'd draw a taco but the canvas area is tiny, it'd just look like a capital D.

TGF Randy is marked down to $19 for those that don't care about cosmetic blemishes.

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