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Pouch piping (ribbon) pattern
Though we don't smoke (anymore), we keep lighters in the house and emergency kits, a tool with which to start a fire for warmth and food preparation is an important part of a survival kit. 

Zippo lighters are to us, uniquely and quintessentially American.  There are better and cheaper lighters, to be sure, but none could conjure up the image of Americana as vividly as a classic Zippo lighter.  Forward Controls is an American company, and we are quite proud of that we only use American workforce and US made material in our products.

These Zippo lighters have a chrome finish, and small, 2015 era Forward Controls Cygnus logo laser engraved on one side, and Bonkers (speak softly duck) on the other.  It is shipped in a hand made, custom pouch.

For those in the secret duck club, this is for you :)

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