Tactical Risotto Oscillating Device

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TROD (Tactical Risotto Oscillating Device) features a  long handle which provides the user additional mechanical advantage, and its wooden construction mitigates heat transfer to the handle, allowing prolonged use without undue fatigue and discomfort.

Okay so it's a long wooden spoon with a small Cygnus logo engraved on the handle.  We like spoons better than forks, knives and chopsticks. A spoon is quite versatile in that in can perform the tasks of all three, more or less, it's the culinary jack of all trades, that might explain our preference for the spoon.  This is the first (and probably the last) time we use the word tactical in any of our product names, but as long as we're being goofy, the silly moniker "tactical" seems appropriate.

Though it's wholly unnecessary, we're compelled to say this: use only as directed (ahem, Jacob).

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